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Birding Photography 10

Hoot Hoot its Birding Photography 10. Todays birding photography post is about the Barred Owl.  I photographed this Barred Owl at Mason Land Preserve in Chapel Hill with my mentor Al D or go on his blog You will find more about his writing essay and photography and all that jazz.                                                                    Now back to the Barred Owl . The barred Owl is resident in the southeast. It can be found in woods and sometimes in trees and on limbs just like this one was at Mason land Preserve.   They have a familiar call to a lot of owl spotters which is hoo notes.

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Snow storm Diego!!

Welcome back everyone to the winter storm of Diego a recap of it.

This snowstorm Diego was predicted to hit the Central part of North Carolina on Sunday, December 9, 2018 with tremendous amounts of snow, sleet and even freezing rain.

I have been out the last three days photographing the snow and even during the snow storm on Sunday and Monday to get pictures that I did not get last year when we had the snow storm in January 2018.

The snowfall totals around the central area of North Carolina from Snow Diego were:

Person County: 14 inchesWake County: 8-9 inches (in parts)Alamance County: 11 inchesDurham County: 12 inches to 14 inchesGranville/Vance County: 10 inches Orange County: 10.5 inches Halifax County: 7 inchesJohnston County: 3.8 inchesChatham County: 8.6 inchesFranklin County: 11 inches

This was another major snow storm in 2018.

Hope everyone stayed warm and safe during this winter storm weather we had this week.

Birding Photography 9

Happy Birding day 9 on my blog. This is Brown Pelican that I also photographed at Ormond Beach .hey are in the pelican family. They can be found in oceans, bays, estuaries, few wader inland. The brown pelican feeds on fish They are a resident in Florida and very common on the coastal areas of Florida.

Birding Photography 8

Happy Birding Day!  This is common Ring - Billed Gull that I photographed during sunset conditions at Ormond Beach, Florida.  They are in the gull and tern family and the latin name for them is Larus articilla. They can be found in all coast areas of Florida. There voice is high pitched.

Sunset conditions are great times to capture birds .

November is out of here !

Happy last day of November. Well its been a great November of 2018. I had a blast on my 27th Birthday photographing planes at RDU International Airport from the Observation Deck. So now its time to depart from November to December. Have an awesome December

Birding Photography 7

Happy Birding day. Its my 7th post on birding photography.

Today we are going to talk about the Double- Creasted Cormorant.

I took this Double- Creasted Cormorant at Jordan Lake. They can be found on the coasts and large bodies of inland water and they are a resident in on the Atlantic Coast and local inland. They can be found inland from April to October. But they are most popular at the coast.

The voice of the Double Creasted Cormorant is silent but croaks at the nest which is very cool.

Birding Photography 6

Happy Birding Photography 6. And six days till my 27th Birthday.

The white Ibis isin the Ibis family and can be found in the coastal areas of North Carolina. Its is on the coastal region of our state, North Carolina, from May until September.

It can be found in tidal mudflats, beaches, marshes , swamps and watersides. The voice of the White Ibis is a Nasal hunk and quiet.

I took this White Ibis photography at Peas Island National Wildlife Refuge in the Outer banks of North Carolina in March 2018. So this a recent trip I did this past March to the outer banks.