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Quick one from tonight

I took advantage of the sunset colors tonight to see what it could produce for my photographs. I took some really cool photographs tonight .

This photograph is  pine needles with a spider web behind it when it was sunset.

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Abstracts for September

Its finally the end of September. The pictures that are seen for my end of month abstract were down on a photo trip with my photography mentor ..   Fall colors have already started on many trees already.. Have a great end of the Month.

A new visitor at the Pond

I went outside today to my neighborhood pond to see what I could photograph ahead of this tremendous Hurricane that is coming our  way on  September 12.

Todays weather felt like it was fall already.. Its hard to believe fall weather is coming already in North Carolina ahead of this hurricane.

Today it was in the sixties earlier today and it went into the 70s todays. I think fall weather has already come through ahead of the hurricane .

I looked around and spotted a Great Egret , who portably made its way here from Florida to escape the hurricane that is approaching soon.

Great Egrets are usually found on the coast not in neighborhood ponds,  but this a rare thing to find them in neighborhood ponds.

I kept getting photographs of the Great Egret in my neighborhood pond including the flight he took that he landed at the pond and continued  taking photographs of the Great Egret.

Adventure of Lightning

Finally, The day has come that I did my own lightning pictures yesterday..

I bet my mentor Al D did not take advantage of this storm of lightning photography instead i did.

When I had gone outside to do some night shots of critters in the dark , I looked up and there was a lightning show appearing from a storm that I had looked on the radar map. I took advantage of the thunderstorm shoot and did lightning pictures instead.

The storm cell , I had been looking at on the radar was 4 miles southeast of where I live. But this time I did the pictures on my own and I got amazing results of the storm.

I saw many lightning bolts and inner cloud lightning in this storm cell. Which made it very cool to photograph at night, You have to wait for it to be dark enough to see the lightning at night and photograph it .

I went under the manual setting on the camera and set it to the time exposures and counted down when each lightning bolt had occurred and triggered the shutter to make these pictures ha…

Total Solar Eclipse

Today was the Total Solar Eclipse where the moon blocks out  the sun to make a total solar eclipse.. The last solar eclipse was 30 years ago.   I am posting before the old man,  AL D  posts his pictures of the total solar eclipse.

This was my first time ever photographing a total solar eclipse. I was taking the pictures at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Before I planned the trip I had met with the old man,  Al D who is being made fun of tonight, because he is not posting about the solar eclipse yet but I am writing about it.

The goal of taking pictures of solar eclipse is you have to have special solar glasses and a special solar filter to capture the moments of the total solar eclipse. Just like I have done.. The goal of mine this year was to take pictures of the total solar eclipse and I have finally done it.

The conditions were perfect at the begin of the total solar eclipse and by the time it was supposed to be at brightest the sun hide behind the clouds and I couldn't get any…

Sunset Sunday # 2

Happy Sunset Sunday # 2.. This sunset was taken at my neighborhood pond this past winter.. Winter is the best time to photograph sunsets and sunrises.

This sunset was taken on December 29, 2016.. Have a great Sunday everyone !!

Sunrise Saturday # 1

I have decided once again to start a new theme on Saturdays called " Sunrise Saturday".. I think doing different themes on the weekends on my blog are really cool.

The sunrise you see here was taken at Topsail Beach during my vacation in March 2017. I was up early at dawn to take photos of pre dawn to sunrise and got amazing results of the pre dawn to dawn and then to the  sunrise.

Sunrise Photography is very cool to do , you have to be up really early to do this !