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Spring Color Week 2

Its another spring color week.. Wahoo for spring colors.. What a magical part of the year it is in spring for warm weather and photographic opportunities now.

Heres another snapshot from this spring taken at Five oaks Pond where its green and pollen covered everywhere on the edge of the pond.

This is a cattail, its mostly found in ponds around this area. The can sometimes have frogs that can been seen on them.

Here to left is a common Tufted Titmouse. It is a songbird that can be found in this region of North Carolina. They are wonderful and pretty song birds to photograph.

For most of you, I know , I have updated the blog with some new pages of information.

Have a great week and Easter Weekend!

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Spring Color Week 1

Its a new theme for the blog this year and its called Spring Color week for spring this year. I decided to do something different this year for the seasons this time around instead of Wednesday color.

Here you can see a water turtle sunning himself in my neighborhood pond.

Azaleas the most beautiful spring flower there is in this area of North Carolina.

One of many wildflowers found in my neighborhood pond area

But at last we have the Purple water lily that can be found in pond areas around this area in North Carolina.

Spring like weather

Has anyone noticed anything that this spring like weather has brought us yet?
Of course its been like spring weather for the past couple of days and the daffodils have already started blooming.

I think we can all say it the groundhog on groundhog day was wrong this year already.

His predictions said in early spring here in North Carolina but the other one in Pennsylvania saw its shadow which means six more weeks of winter.
I think our groundhog has been right all along this year for an early spring .

Has anybody else seen any sights of spring already? I certainly have been photographing some early sights of spring.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Fog this Morning

Today there was dense fog this morning so I had the opportunity  to photograph fog this morning. This morning when I had gotten up I had checked the weather on my phone and computer to see what the weather was producing this morning.. I looked at the forecast this morning and it had said fog advisory for the area.

Fog photography is very cool to do in the morning when the conditions are right and make for some great interesting photographs in the fog weather.

But there was also clouds along with fog. Which I think made a cool connection for me to photograph fog and cloudy conditions at the same time and same place.

So I quickly grabbed my camera equipment and headed down to my neighborhood pond where I always take photographs when I am not working or doing photography with my mentor.

I was able to line up this geese against the the fog to make a cool photograph along with the fog.

I  also did some dew with the spider webs during the during the dense fog today along with other subject…

Back at the Butterfly House

I was able to go back to the Butterfly House at the Life and Science Museum with my mentor Al D.

The conditions that day were overcast and with rainy conditions. So we decide to do the butterfly house for this outing.

At the beginning before we entered the Butterfly House we had to warm up our equipment so it would not fog up when we both did our macro shots in the butterfly house with butterflies.

For some of my shots at the butterfly house I lined up different composition of the butterflies by using different angles to use for the butterflies either drinking or getting nectar from the flowers that are in the butterfly house.

In this composition, I lined up the butterfly along with water droplets in the background to make it look very cool than my others I did last year at the butterfly house.

Some other compositions,  I did in the butterfly house , included butterflies landing and lined up with different surroundings in the background to make it look also very different from the ot…

Just out and about

Today I was just out and about on a photo shoot with remarkable Al D, When his medium format camera decided to shut down on him. Ha Ha!! So,  I get to make fun of him today instead of him making fun of me. Which is plus for me today I get to make fun of him!!!

Today at Mason Land Preserve I photographed Painted Turtles, a turkey vulture , a dead opossum in a puddle, lots of variety of song birds and many more things while we explored and adventured out in Mason Land.

This weather is really strange now that it feels like spring but its winter .. Thanks a lot Mother nature for this strange warm weather after all the winter weather we had last week.

I photographed this very cool stump with fungus growing inside of it along with the log behind it that is blurred out.

I found new things along the way to photograph here today which compared to before. I have learned more about nature photography which is what I do for a living as a nature and wildlife photographer.

Seen here in the photo I…

A wintery grab bag

Its been along time since I posted on the blog. Happy 2017 already.

So the post today is a wintery grab bag. I know all you have been excited about the winter weather we had this past weekend.

We got 3-4 inches of snow and about an inch of ice that covered the roads and made them so slippery so cars would not be able to make it on the roads or to work.  All the school systems around the triangle in North Carolina have been cancelled due to this inclement weather.

I bet Al D has not been out doing photography in the snow this past weekend,  but I have enjoyed doing photography out in this winter weather.

During my afternoon photo shot in the snow, I was able to catch the Great Blue Heron in the icy and snow in my neighborhood pond trying to find and catch fish.

I have been doing lots of winter weather photography for years. I also photographed the sunset with the ice that covered my neighborhood pond which was very cool.

Some tips for winter weather photography are to overexpose on the …