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Birding Photography 1

This afternoon I did some birding photography around my neighborhood pond.. I captured this Carolina Wren . its in the wren family.

I used my slow drill that my mentor has taught me a lot  doing wildlife photograph and practicing it a lot these days for wildlife and birding especially.

I captured the Carolina Wren,  singing and perching for me as i took its photograph for this migration season which is just around the corner.

The next bird , I captured today was an Eastern Bluebird. I took the advantage of taking three bluebirds in one photograph featured here. They are very common in this area of North Carolina.

Then I captured I brown Nuthatch. This is the very fist one I have photographed for this birding season and I hope this Brown Nuthatch returns this winter so I can get some  more pictures of it in the snow.

Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather finally and hopefully we don't get another hurricane soon!

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Wake me up when September Ends

Just like the Song "Wake me up when September end s" is about the end of the day of  September. Which this happens to be today.

Yesterday I got the chance to go out for sunset conditions to see what was going on. I spotted apparently fighter jets of some sort flying overhead and got pictures of them as they were headed to the Raleigh Durham International Airport taken from my neighborhood pond.

It was very cool to take photos of the fighter jets coming over head over my neighborhood pond. This month has not been very much to take pictures of due to our recent Hurricane Florence that has made fall a little bit different this year. But I am getting some fall color pictures of leaves and wildlife. Hopefully October bring some more color and more nature to photograph.

Today I took a picture of an Eastern Bluebird taken at my neighborhood  pond. And Hopefully Oldie  man walkabout, Al D will not post as much as me in October, we shall see about that. Have a great rest of the week …

Birding to end August this month

This month I decided to end August with a recent birding photography shot I did at Jordan Lake I did with the walkout about Fart, Al D.

This is a red headed  woodpecker the are common in open woods near Jordan Lake.. I got the opportunity to get photos of the Red Headed Woodpecker.

And I also got him flying away from the tree branch as well.

Throwback sunrise 2015 on this day

Since its the end of the month I decided to do a throwback sunrise i took way back in 8/30/2015 taken at the falconbridge pond.. Can you believe its been 3 years since I photographed this sunrise on this day. It true.. I am planning to try to get out tomorrow and do a sunrise shot to end the month this year and writ a post a bout before oldie man Al D posts about his end of month posts.

Beach trip again

I had the privilege of going a beach trip last week to Carolina Beach to get photographs of coastal birds, the beach, sunrises, sunsets and the moon rise which was cool to photograph at the beach.

This is a seagull that is eating a fish that he dragged along the beach which i got several photographs of this seagull eating this fish and sometimes he threw it in the air , which was cool to see and photograph it. It was very cool to witness and photograph this as it was happening. The photographs of the seagull eating the fish came out awesome .

The next shore bird I photographed was a sanderling trying to find something for him to eat or catch. It was hard to catch this sanderlings at first because the move so darn fast near the shore of the ocean. I kept looking for movement and starting tracking down the movement and catching the sanderlings doing many different things on the beach.

This another variety of a sandpiper which I am trying to identify. It was near the shore a lot. So if …

Florida Coast Birds 5

Todays  Florida Coast Bird is the Great Blue Heron but the white version .  I took this photo in Ormond Beach Florida in December 2017 while I was on vacation there for a week.

The white great blue heron  can be found in all salt and fresh waters, beaches and towns.. Its range in Florida and its most common in November to April.

Have a fantastic Friday

End of Month Abstract for April

The end of the month abstract I did for this month of the end of April is pollen taken at my neighborhood pond. I took the advantage a few weeks ago to do the artistic  end of month abstract for this months end of month. This very different than the end of March post I did about the full moon to end march.      I can't believe tomorrow is May 1st and Its almost feels like summer already!!