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Friday Florida Coast Birds 3

Todays florid coast bird picture is the Great Blue Heron.

The Great Blue Heron resides in  Florida but sometimes it can be found on the ocean coastline.

I took the advantage of finding this Great Blue Heron on the beach in Florida and getting great photos of their Great Blue Heron.

Tune in next week for more Florida Coast Birds for Friday!
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Friday Florida Coast birds # 2

Todays Florida Coast bird for Friday is the Brown Pelican.

The latin name for the Brown Pelican is Pelecanus occidenentalis. There length is 4 feet, 2 inches and they have a wing span of 7 feet and 6 inches. Adult bodies and wings are grayish brown, head white, with yellowish wash on the crown and their bill is long.  

They often rest in trees just like the Great Blue Heron. Flies with slow and V formation  or glides to long distances. Their voice is usually soft and silent and uses low grunts at their nesting sites.

Their habitat is in the ocean, bays and esturuaries and few of the brown pelicans wonder to inland.. They can be found on all on the coastal areas of Florida and they are very common to see and photograph in Florida.

Friday Florida Birds # 1

Todays Friday Florida coast bird is the Royal Tern also known as Stena Niltatica. They are in the gull and Tern family.  
They are 20 inches and they have a Pale silvery above, white below that, primaries tipped dark grey . Their bill is orange colored . They have fairly short  and thick legs and their tail is black.
Winter adults have fore crown white , rear crown black rested.. Summer adults cap black crested.. The royal tern flies high when feeding .

The can nest in colonies up to 10,000 birds on sandy islets .. Imange all those royal terns together in on sandy islets and getting tons of photographs of them.
Their voice is a loud high harsh keeeeerr.
The can be found in all beaches and waters in Florida and some make to inland which is rare.

Full Moon End of the Month

Happy end of the month of March.. I am posting the picture of the full moon tonight for my end of the month this time. By the way the old moon fart, Al D did not get a chance to take pictures of the moon tonight but instead I did.

The moon name of March is called the Worm Moon because worms emerge at this point of the year.

Now I am begging to do moon photography and names to look up during each moth to figure out what accient names means to the name of the moon to month.

Have a great end of March and Happy Easter tomorrow!!!

Outerbanks trip followup

I recently did a trip to the outer banks to Rodnathe, NC for a week where I got to relax and do as many pictures as wanted on this trip.

I got to photograph many different types of kite surfers outside of the rental we stayed in. Just like on the right.
I got to go out as many times as I wanted to go to the beach located only a block away for the rental which was very convenient for me as a nature photographer.

I also got some new coastal pictures which will be in a new page fo the blog soon. Stay tuned for that and more pages to come for my photos in my gallery section.

I got to take some advantages at the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge located in Rodanthe and got some pictures of an adult White Ibis which was very cool to photograph. This was the first time I have photographed an adult white Ibis in the wild.

The sunset you see on the right was taken on march 28, 2018 from the balcony of our rental on the Pamlico Sound. It was a very cloudy at first for the conditions so i wait…

Battling the Elements

The night before we had a thunderstorm come through the area before all this crazy weather came in the next day.  Yesterday Morning we had snow then flurries then more rain and then it went to sunny conditions , which is very rare after all these types of weather conditions.

I took advantage from the breaks in the rain to get outside and take dew droplet pictures on different plants and grasses around my neighborhood pond.

This spring so far has been very crazy for weather conditions and such as a nature photographer.

I started searching around the water edges around the pond to see if the American Duck had made a nest this year. She had made it in a different location near the end of the dam this year and she was well camouflaged this year compared to other years. 

I have recently found the American Duck on her nest this year on her eggs and hoping to catch some pictures of the ducklings hatching this year which would be very cool to photograph.

End of Month

Today its the end of February.. What a February we had this year compared to the past Februarys. It has been near record highs for the past couple of weeks with summer like weather. I have been able to capture a lot of wildlife and birds this month for my birding collection for my photography database. 

I have been on two outings with my mentor Al D to the Mason Land Preserve  and the Western Eno River where we encountered our first Northern Water Snake this year. Man this weather is bringing out creatures and wildlife earlier this year than in the past years.  I think our ground hog was right this year.
I took fog pictures earlier this month along with our Mallard Ducks and many different types of woodpeckers, geese, the blue heron, water turtles  and other different types of backyard birds. I think this year has been a very productive year so far for photography for me so far. 

This photograph of the Barred Owl was taken just recently at Mason Land Persevere with my mentor Al D. Its …